Sunday, 26 June 2011

Royal Academy Schools Show - Is Someone Having a Laugh? Or is it Me? I Don't Get It!! Culture & Curiosity:

Curious- more like boredom!

The Royal Academy Schools is remarkable for being accredited independent establishment that offers the only three year full time postgraduate course in the UK. It is Britain's oldest art school, having developed continuously since its foundation in parallel with the Royal Academy in 1768. It is regarded throughout the world as a centre of excellence. -  As said in the booklet's foreword. To go to the exhibition you walk past the entrance behind the grand stairs beyond the corridors to the show, just outside it are these figures that bring a sense of power and achievement from the establishment's past. (This was soon to change.) 


At the back - Mild Steel, Tomas Downes
Block, photograph: Ella Mcartney 
The Orange Ribbon ..... ? And ....?
Oliver Osborne
 A magazine clip, I'm sure that is Tom Hanks, come on this is lame!

Marco Palmieri

 Combs and leafs - couldn't they use paper that hadn't been folded up. This drives me crazy!!! I hate it when I get a painting of Iris's from nursery when it comes like this - quartered, folded to fit in her tray. Come on she is 4 years old!!
Katy Kirbach 
A front and a back of a plastered leather jacket

Loz Chalk
A milk carton - please!!! How annoying!!! How can this be coming out of the RA!!!
John Lennon - great...... 
But what gets me even more is the sloppy display units that look a mess, stuck with sellotape and piled with dust. I think others were just as bored as I was, writing on top- or maybe it's meant to be part of the artwork? 

Nicholas Hatfull 
At a cafe

 MDF -tastic

Acoustic Panel Monochrome 1, Associative Glow: Sarah Knowland
 A room of mattresses on the wall- I have totally had enough! So did the artist scrape their nails in the velour bed covers or was it someone else who was equally bored. I would have thought it was a kid - a bit too high up for that.

Poor Show.

 Or like I said maybe I just don't get it!
 I'm pleased I never went to art collage!

 There was one exception.

Hayoung Kim

I love the layers of colour, it's been done on drafting films.
(I'll do a following post on Hayoung Kim later, 
I was pleased to see some of this work was also included upstairs in the summer exhibition)

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