Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Ha Young Kim

Ha Young Kim is a Korean Artist, living and working in London working on his MA  at the Royal Academy.
'My work is about human beings. I am looking at humans with a curious gaze as if through an endoscope. I am interested in mind and body and an imperfect being's endless desire for perfection - DNA, designer babies, superhumanity, posthumanism, the primordial soup, and the animality and vegetability of outside and in.'
Although I disliked everything else at the Royal Academy School, this more than makes up for it!
Slip of the Tongue garden

Plastic Facial Expression

Floating Minds

Female Soldiers

Glenfiddich AIR Show 2010
Glenfiddich Residency programme
Noodle Girl


Organic Cyborg Girls (Dawn)

Organic Cyborg Girls (Night)

Screaming in the Nerves Forest

Critical Face

Internal Sequence 6

Internal Sequence 4

Internal Sequence 1

And some older work I also like, from 2008


Give and being taken

Melting Feelings


Secret Garden

Secret Forest

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