Saturday, 25 June 2011

Southwark Open Studios, a Little Peak Before Preview Night...

 A lot has changed since I last went to Southwark Studios, there are now even more studios (a total of 40) a new gallery space, meeting room and a cinema area. There are not many people about at the moment, a few painting their studio walls and others hanging - preparing for the Open.  Without being able to look inside any of the individual studios I still managed to see quite a lot within the gallery space and surrounding corridors that continue the exhibition around. I get the feeling there will be a bit of a mad rush to complete labels at 6 o'clock. 

 Blair Lamar

Nash Francis

 Ruthie Borthwick

 Ruthie Borthwick

 JP Ruffi

 Nash Francis

Jack Richards

 Studio 29

 Victoria Heald

William Austin

 Anyone for Drinks?

The Cinema Room

 The Meeting Room

 Jack Richards - I love Pac man!!

A map, just incase you get lost!
- A point of reference to others taking part in bermondsey art week.

A studio with a view.

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