Saturday, 11 June 2011

London Aquarium

I love the above photo, this Manta Ray really looks like a giant smile! It reminds me of scuba diving in the Simalan Islands just off Phuket, Thailand. We had a few amazing experiences swimming with these giant manta rays. They are so graceful, on our last dive of a five day boat trip one came up to our dive group and my uncle- the dive instructor broke forward to let the playful ray come and play and investigate. Then as we semi circled around them the Manta and my uncle looked like they were up on stage performing the most amazing ballet I have ever seen. My uncle took lead and the manta would follow diving up down and around him. A long time ago - pre kids. We were lucky to have seen such beauty under the water. Obviously we saw lots of sharks, mostly black and white-tips, although we have been on quite a few trips I never got to dive with the ultimate - The Whale Shark. (Mum and uncle have many times- and yes I'm very jealous!!)

I took this thinking how cute they are sunbathing. Now looking at it I think they are mating!

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