Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Back to Itchycoo

(They are my pictures, just looking - reminding myself of Mimi - It's been a while)
 Starting the base layer of 4 new Itchycoo Petites, while Daisy and Iris draw and stick beside me.
(Very worried the glitter will get into my paint. Not what I'm looking for, so far so good.)
Until Iris wants to paint with me...... I give up!!
 Not content with doing her own pictures Iris always has to - help - me - (I cry help!)
She tried very hard to start to dot on top of my paintings, luckily I managed to fob her off with the edges - with a little extra white space - she could do more. Lovely. 
So below are the pretty edges that won't be staying. 

My happy little monster!

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