Wednesday, 16 February 2011

RE in Art Class

The Good Samaritan

 This is a gold box, inside could be gold or it could be a parable, worth more than gold.
 (The children are then asked what is happening, I've added their answers.)
 What could this be? - a magic carpet, a slim mat? It is brown and scratchy, it could be the desert, what can you now see going across it?-An arrow, snake, dried up river, a flag a path, a road.
 It's a road leading from one place to the other. What could the black be? -  clouds, oil. There is no light. - Shadows, gravestones.
What is most important to do in life. Love God and your neighbour.
But who is my neighbour.
There was someone travelling to Jerusalem. He went across his way and got attacked by robbers, hiding behind the black shadows of the rocks. They left him for dead.
`There was a great priest that went from Jerusalem to Jericho. When he came to the man who had been hurt he crossed to the other side of the road. There was also someone else who went from Jerusalem to Jericho. He helped in the Temple, he was called a Levitt. He also crossed the road and walked passed the hurt man.
There was someone else who was walking by. He was visiting from Somalia, Somalians do not like people from Jerusalem. This stranger gave him some medicine, his coat and helped him onto his donkey and took him to a place to stay the night. He also gave money to the inn keeper so he could stay there until he got better.

Who was the good Samaritan?

If they were all women what would have happened:
Boy answer:
It wouldn't have happened because women are too nice, they wouldn't do that type of thing.
Not much, the man wouldn't be hurt because women can't punch very well.
Do you think the women could have been robbers? - No because they can't attack.
Girl Answer:
Girls can do the same as boys, so it doesn't matter - it doesn't make any difference, they still could have hurt him, walked passed or helped.
What if the person traveling was a child?
Boy Answer: He wouldn't have been attacked because he wouldn't have had anything of value. Also he would be of no use - too young to work.
Why wasn't the priest a good neighbour?
Because he didn't help. - why not. Because he was worried he may also get attacked. 
What would you do?
Take him home. Take him to his home. Help him. Take him to the nearest hospital and ask for medicine. Ask if he is alright. Go to the robbers and ask why they did it. 
But would that be a good choice?What would we need to think about safety?

After discussing the Good Samaritan the children were free to explore and express themselves through art making, play and acting. Here are some examples below.

This is my favourite, I can't read it all from the photo but what I can make out is ,
She'll be fine and I'm too posh to do this..

This one is Daisy's She has found the Haiti Help! And made some chaos. It is nice to see that she has done it so that is her who is the Good Samaritan: 
Daisy I need help! I need Help! Yes,Yes, I'm Coming.

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