Saturday, 12 February 2011

Bootcamp Rocks!!

Come Rain, Shine or Snow!!!

 Do you think he will notice if we turn back now?
I think the pink might be a giveaway- no sick notes this week.

Let it rain.....
.....and rain some more (except you can't see in the photo)

  Glorious Mud!

Steve Keywood 
Trust me - I'm a Personal Trainer........... mmmm..... right, don't think so!!!

 I'm pleased I have leather seats!

 Christmas Eve, Family Boot Camp
Sadly I missed this one, although not too sad, soaking up some sun on a beach.

 Killer Plank 
Thanks for the snowy pictures Michelle.

After being a member at David Lloyd Gym for 23 years I finally handed in my notice.

After 6 weeks of my friend Sally trying to get me to join her at boot camp I finally caved in. For the first time ever I am loving exercise! (Expect not to be able to walk after first session! Don't worry after a couple of times it's not such a shock to the system.) Now I get a great variety of exercise, working parts of my body I didn't know I had. What I like best about boot camp is the encouragement of the group and the banter, sometimes your jaw aches as much as your legs! It's not about who is the fittest or best, it's all about doing the best you can for yourself. Anyone can - and should give it ago - be careful you might just like it!! As for the mud - at least it looks like you have worked hard!

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