Saturday, 26 February 2011

Last Night I Dreamt........

.........I'm on a school trip with Daisy's class. Daisy is always complaining that I don't come on any of the trips to help. - Helping in school doesn't count. Today she is happy, as we and the class walk along a road, which could be London, crossing the Kings Road down by the Saachi Gallery.

I'm not sure where we are going. Everyone crosses over and I am standing guiding everyone over like a lollipop lady, I then  catch up with the class after the last child crosses over. There is a pathway across from the road and at the edge is a village green (The crescent space in front of the Saatchi.) There is a large concrete cylinder that has become a tunnel.

The class go ahead but I pause because just outside on the green there is something going on. I walk out and go around the side. There is an aircraft that has crashed, broken and split in 3 parts, with one of the wings hanging - almost like by a thread. It must have happened earlier or the day before as the smoke is still smoldering. There is a lot of red and white tape sealing the scene off as hazardous.

There were a few police and a forensic team picking parts of the wreckage. There were no ambulances, no people. They had been taken earlier or there was nothing left or perhaps it was a cargo plane. It was misty and the atmosphere was sombre. I stand there and and took some photos, I'm surprised no one else seems interested, people just walk on by. I was shocked, but I had to go and catch up with the others. I ran into the concrete tunnel to catch up with the class.

Soon the concrete disappeared and then become a cave,  we were in a maze of stalactites and stalagmites. I pause every so often to take a picture amazed at the wander and beauty before me. It is dark but there is a warm aqua and golden glow. There is enough light to see the way ahead, which eventually opened up to reveal a large aqua lit pool almost like something out of Indiana Jones. The kids wade through i. Across the other side was a concrete ramp like those you would use to bring a boat to shore. The children were scrambling upwards, almost as if on a conveyor belt where they could pull themselves out of it, up to the cave, the tunnel and then to daylight. I step into the glowing aqua water, I hesitate, I'm not too sure about the water but realise I have no choice - there is no time to think of anything anyway as I have to catch up with the others quickly. I raise my hands into the air, holding both of my cameras. All of a sudden I dipped Giles camera into the water and pressed the button to take a photo. How stupid!! I was angry with myself, how could I have done that. Why did I do it, it couldn't have been an accident. It's not as if I had quickly dipped it into the water - I had also pressed a button. That's two actions - more than just by accident. And then what - second time I break his camera after he has already given me another.

No time to dwell on why - I had to get on I looked ahead and there was a concrete platform ahead with sleeping lions, a panther and a tiger. Did big cats like to swim? I didn't think so. But then if it meant a meal ticket a few feet away I don't think they would hesitate. Now I had to really get on - for my survival. I couldn't wade anymore despite it being shallow. Now the only option was to get in and swim. I had to get past them to get to the ramp to get out. The panther and tiger awoke as I passed the platform. I swam for my life and made it to the ramp and ran.

Only to turn around and see I'm being chased by a wolf. I turn around again, but this time - nothing.

I'm in the airport with my family. It's where we were New Year's Eve - KL waiting - many people are lying on benches fast asleep outside the gate waiting for connecting flights. The floor was slick grey shiny marble. The hall is wide. Giles puts his computer on and Skypes Nana and Grandpa in LA, the kids chat and I go for a wander. I take both cameras with me in the hope of getting them fixed. I haven't said anything to Giles as I don't think he would be impressed. I had to swim- why didn't I at least try to put the cameras into something plastic or at least into my bag. It's done now, nothing I can do. I then realise that not all is lost at least I could get the card out and have the images/ memories. I open something that I'm holding in my hands. I realise it's an old film, so that's no good, the images are gone after all. Why did I do that - Surely I would have realised that daylight exposed on the film would loose everything. That was Silly! I heard Iris say in my head!

I'm in the classroom walking around looking what work is being done. Mozart is playing and the teacher is horrified that I don't have any Mozart at home. I said I did like it. The children are making box sets made of plastic boxes with 6 compartments. I feel bad because I hadn't bought one for Daisy. I hadn't realised what they were for. I'll get one later. In each compartment there was something special in gold.
There was a tiny gold chest with thick leather buckles and inside there is Mur. There was a gold bottle of frankincense and a bar of gold. The other three compartments were yet to be filled. I'm not sure if all the children were filling their compartments with the same objects or not.

(But red)

I'm coughing and I have small red plastic squares the same size as the letter keys on a computer. They are falling out of my mouth. The more I cough the more they fill up and I'm chocking on all of these red plastic squares. I don't know were they are coming from but I keep sitting them out and I leave a red square trail behind me. The more I spit out the more fill up. It's like a dream were I choke on my teeth which keep falling out.

In a central garden in front of a crescent a semi circle with London white houses and pillars all around.

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