Monday, 14 February 2011

Last Night I Dreamt.......

........ We were living in Philadelphia, (except it looked like San Francisco, by the steep bumpy hills and the style of houses) we were going out for a dinner to somewhere that had been recommended to us. Walking past the bus stop there were two huge dogs sitting there, not like dogs, but like humans with their legs hanging off the edge like two old ladies having a chat. 
 (Almost, not quite)

We walked up the street that was a bit dark as now we were in the shadow. I caught a glimpse of the place. There were steps going down to the entrance, chefs were walking in and out carrying food and throwing it onto a barbecue that's grill was an old grid from the street. There was slight panic. It was strange as the front of the place was all glass but the bottom of the window had about 50cm cut out, almost hacked out as as if it was wood, it was all uneven. Under the gap was water that was gushing out almost like a waterfall.

 I sighed with relief as I catch the sign, 'subway,' that was lucky, not where we are going after all. The water was immense, gushing, bulging out of this building and yet everything remained relatively calm as if it were usual, as if it was just a minor inconvenience. We walked passed almost dragged in by the chefs as they went in and out, just as we were in the way. We went into the building next to it and up quite a few floors of stairs. 

We walked passed a room that looked like an old experiment room as the wall went up to your waist and then it was glass, a sealed environment were we we could watch those inside almost if the people were in a mad house. I bent my head down and hurriedly walked past without looking. I opened the next door and went and sat in a waiting room. It was nice all white and airy, with a huge old crystal chandelier hanging in the middle, white leather sofas and over sized cushions scattered about. In here it was more Elle decoration, were as in there the white decor was more straight jacket crazy. 

We sat and waited and waited, what for I don't know. Everyone was doing their own thing while waiting. I walked up to the window and straight across was the window of the mad room, this time I looked and kept looking. Crawling everywhere were something that I thought were rats except they looked like tiny peacocks. They were small and ran all over like a ferret, with rat like furry bodies yet they had some beautiful turquoise feathers and the long tail with an eye just like a peacock. The light and white reflected the beautiful colours of different turquoise, blues and green within. 
                                                                                      (Not quite, but this may help to visualise it)

They were disgusting and yet beautiful all at the same time. I got up and walked out of the door to look through the viewing window I had passed earlier but had dared not to look. I took my camera out and started to take some photos. I didn't get a chance to do many as I was chased out by one of the loonies demanding to take my camera, telling me I had no right to steel photo's of him. Like I would want to take pictures of this large oaf of a man. I tried to calm him down I showed him the pictures of the peacock-rats and in one of them I had caught his leg in the corner. He was just about to explode but I had deleted it before he opened his mouth. That was close. Giles makes a comment that I shouldn't just take pictures of people - in some countries you can get arrested.

I'm at Sally's house and all our kids start running riot about the place, the house is open planned and they seem to be running around the core of the house. I'm getting worked up, not because of them but because I can't find the fish. I'm walking behind them and feel stressed because I still can't find the fish. I get back to where I started and ask were are the fish then. Sally says I've walked straight past them. 

But the aquarium has gone. No it hasn't it is under the table. But why would she do that. To get more space and light. But what about the fish. I look under the make shift table, which was basically wood resting on top of the fish tank. The fish were there alright swimming around oblivious to their new home in the dark. I felt sad and drained it was as if I needed to see the golden fish to charge my batteries.

I drive into a car park of a travel lodge/ It could be the Bridge Barn next door to Daisy's school. There are some people who are out of their cars looking up a tree. I stop get out of the car, and leave the kids still in it and look at what is going on. It reminded me of Heathrow,when the twitchers come with their ladders claiming space to get the perfect view for Concorde passing over head. The peacocks are here, except now they are normal, parading up and down with their tails spread out. There is one white, female walking about. Someone says stay back, everyone tries to move forward. I look up and there is a big stump in the middle of the tree and on it is a massive snowy white owl,   almost the size of a car. 

It was beautiful, so  peaceful and wise up there under the commotion below. By now I had almost slithered myself under it, almost crawling in the hope that no one would notice. It looked down at me and then flew away. One of it's wings flapped across its body, it looked about two metres long. I watched it go far away into the distance and then noticed everyone had gone. I walked into the foyer of the travel lodge to see Daisy and Iris, again- running riot in the corridors. Oh, I had forgotten about them in the car. (Only a dream)

I totally believe that dreams are valuable tools helping to guide and sort our lives out. It has been years since I remembered a dream like that, so real and vivid in every detail. (Other than teeth falling out, choking , chased or being shot- even that's been a while) Although I don't quite get what it is about yet, I feel it is a positive message, despite the flooding water and rats! In the past I became really tuned in to my dreams and kept a diary for a while. But now, most of the time .... nothing I can remember.

Most of my ideas and thoughts of paintings - or for what to do, come to me after I have slept Either in a dream,  or by a thought that just pops into my head as I'm waking up. Obviously today's dream was a good sign, as for the last year I have been sketching and writing pages and pages on my story in Itchycoo, with still no direction of where it is going to go. 

Then today I started from scratch and have a skeleton outline of a new story for Itchycoo. With a beginning, middle and end and most of all a point!! So I'm happy!! Mimi is still in there, Itchycoo is the land she dreamed after all...... There is also a Troll with hole instead of a heart......

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