Friday, 18 February 2011

Last Night I Dreamt.......

...... I'm a teenager and I am in a class group in the mountains, we have to leave but the weather is too bad so we have to wait for a gap in the weather, so that the aeroplane can take off and take us away. The rain is very heavy, like horizontal sleet. The fog and mist have also crept in. We decide that we have to set off anyway and walk up on the ridge. We start to walk, all around is bare and dull. In the distance you can make out a little snow above the mist

There is a break in the weather - a window off opportunity so we are able to take off. We get to see a birds eye view of the barren land below. There is a little white of snow but most of it looks dull, it is still grey and raining, but I feel a weight has been lifted, a sense of relief inside.
In total contrast - I am sitting in a boat with a group of friends in tropical waters, the colours are vivid, sharp and bright. It could be Thailand. We are sitting around a table that is full of junk food which starts to tilt the boat strongly to one side. It wouldn't take much to capsize. Where was all the food coming from? It was starting to fall off the edge of the table into the lap of girl the girl sitting next to me. 

Soon there is so much that she is almost drowning in junk. I feel scared, it is like the food is possessed and is after her. She is crying, chocking and nearly suffocating. I feel almost paralysed with fear, but also relief that it isn't me - because it so very easily could have been. I lean back into my chair trying to pull away, the boat starts to level itself out until there is no danger of capsizing. The food has gone and the girl next to me is quietly crying. The rest of us are stunned in silence.

I'm walking down Golf Club Road (where I lived in my teens) but the road looked like it was in America with the perfect front verges picket fences and 4x4's in the driveway - all the same. Everyone was keeping up with the Jones's. On every front lawn there was a mannequin perfectly dressed in an amazing bright pink wedding dress. It looked like something from the 80's, with huge puffed up arms- a bit like Diana's dress but then at the bottom it was like a fishtail in netting. It was the perfect height of fashion and yet I couldn't understand why, as it was so vulgar. It may have been from Dynasty. (I had not watched My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding - the night before.) 

I was looking at a clothes rail for something to wear for the wedding (don't know whose it is) everything was either pink or black. Nothing fits, I'm trying to find something in pink. I will have to wait until closer to the day.

So what does it all mean? 
Think it is about kicking me into shape, to be aware with my food and not stuffing myself with junk. Good thing I will be starting 3 days a week boot camp in March then!

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