Saturday, 12 February 2011

Flowers Playing Noughts and Crosses?

This morning Daisy has been singing a song from Stage Coach called wouldn't it be funny:

Once you get past the, Wouldn't it be funny if the teachers wore pajamas and the children make up all the rules - and shout Yeah! Somewhere in there was ........ funny if the trees weep, (mm.. they do in Itchycoo!) And then it came to...... funny if the flowers played noughts and crosses. 

Thank you Daisy, look out for the flowers who play noughts and crosses, somewhere in Itchycoo no 4!

Until then below are some alternative noughts and crosses to look at.

 This one looks like flower and doughnuts,
maybe that's a better idea!

 Flowery door knobs

 I like these

 Cat and Mouse

and leaf and flower

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